Torn Cartilage in Knee overview

Torn Cartilage in Knee overview There are many kind of injury in your daily life, one of the most injuries that often occur to you is the knee injury. However, the knee injury has various types of reason. One of the knee injuries that often occur is Torn Cartilage in Knee. In order to treat the knee injury properly, it is very important to recognize the ones first. So, in this article, we will research about that. When you see knee anatomy, you will understand that knee joint is the largest joint in human body and also is the most complex joint in human body. The knee is a joint, where the tibia (shin bone) and the femur (thigh bone) meet. There is also the patella (knee cap) which protects the joint from … [Read More...]



Torn Cartilage in Knee symptoms

Torn Cartilage in Knee symptoms The knee joint is prone to injury, especially if you participate in activities in which you frequently start and stop, jump, run, change directions or twist. It has a much higher probability during quick daily movements. Cartilage covers the ends of the bones in your knee, and the pieces of […]


Torn Cartilage in Knee surgery

Torn Cartilage in Knee surgery When you have a Torn cartilage in knee, should you get a nonsurgical treatment or  get a arthroscopic surgery? That would depend on the extent of the injury and your age. If you are pretty young (teenage or in your early 20’s) and the pain isn’t that bad, I would […]

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

Exercises for Torn Cartilage in Knee injury

Cartilage is a flexible material that is located between the body’s joints and bones. Torn cartilage in knee is the result of a trauma, injury or natural degeneration. Because cartilage lacks a constant blood supply, exercise allows the cells in the area to begin the process of repairing themselves. These are exercises designed especially for […]

Treatment for Torn cartilage in the knee

Treatment for Torn Cartilage in Knee

What is cartilage? Cartilage has a nature of smooth, flat. It allows knee to move softly, concurrently, bears weight, reduces tremors and redistributes pressure onto the joint surface. 1. Causes of knee cartilage injury: Major cause of knee cartilage injury is due to from the outside acting forces onto joint surface too fast, it makes […]

Torn cartilage in knee recovery time varies from individual to individual

The recovery time of Torn Cartilage in Knee

One of the most common orthopedic and sports medicine injuries is a torn meniscus, also referred to as torn cartilage in knee. The meniscus may be injured or torn through repetitious movements, exercise, or inadvertently twisting the knee. A torn meniscus is a painful injury that varies in severity, treatment options, and recovery time for […]

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