Torn Cartilage in Knee surgery

Torn Cartilage in Knee surgery

When you have a Torn cartilage in knee, should you get a nonsurgical treatment or  get a arthroscopic surgery?

That would depend on the extent of the injury and your age. If you are pretty young (teenage or in your early 20’s) and the pain isn’t that bad, I would suggest you put off surgery as long as you can handle it. Younger people tend to bounce back or heal faster and there are far too many doctors out there that are “cut” happy. Don’t agree to any surgery unless it is necessary. But if your symptoms persist with nonsurgical treatment, your doctor may suggest arthroscopic surgery. Torn cartilage will not repair itself, there are supplements you can take to help strengthen the cartilage, and exercises you can do to help ease the pain, increase flexibility. You are more likely to end up arthritis at an older age if you do have the surgery.

In general,it all depends on how you feel with the degree of the injury. If your torn cartilage in knee is really bad, your symptoms persist with nonsurgical treatment, your doctor may suggest arthroscopic surgery. Along with the type of tear you have, your age, activity level, and any related injuries will factor into your treatment plan. Recovery time could last from 3 to 6 weeks, it depends on how much damage you did.

Knee arthroscopy is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. In it, a miniature camera is inserted through a small incision. This provides a clear view of the inside of the knee. Your orthopaedic surgeon inserts miniature surgical instruments through other small incisions to trim or repair the torn cartilage .

After Torn Cartilage surgery

After Torn Cartilage surgery

After surgery, your doctor may put your knee in a cast or brace to keep it from moving.

Once the initial healing is complete, your doctor will prescribe rehabilitation exercises. Regular exercise to restore your knee mobility and strength is necessary. You will start with exercises to improve your range of motion. Strengthening exercises will gradually be added to your rehabilitation plan.

For the most part, rehabilitation can be carried out at home, although your doctor may recommend physical therapy.

In another case, your doctor will sent you to have an MRI and referred you for physical therapy. After 3 weeks of physical therapy you will be scheduled for surgery. When the surgery is finish successful, you will back to physical therapy to get strength on your knee.

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  1. I’m very nervous. I’m getting a 45min MRI to see if I need any thing done what are the odds. I need surgery?

    • It depends on what is shown on the MRI. You should have a better idea of your treatment plan after the scan and your doctor see’s the results.

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